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Sexually transmitted infections (STI) and clinical management

Treatment of STIs is undertaken in all health institutions where there are specialists for skin and venereal diseases.

The problem of laboratory diagnosis of the STIs is very present because health services for examination and treatment of them are present only in health care institutions within the country and are available to only small number of people.

Laboratory techniques applied are of low sensitivity, specificity and therefore are of positive predictive value; while preconditions for undertaking technologically developed procedures of detection of all causes of STIs (PCR, for example) still do not exist.

The treatment of STIs is taken at medical private practice, often without the application of adequate laboratory tests, with no reports, all in high discretion, so that neither the STIs registration from this section never reach the institutions in charge nor the notification and treatment for their sexual partners is taken.

Patients are often treated on their own using inadequate antibiotics and in inadequate dose.