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Omladina JAZAS-a

Our priorities

1. To decrease the levels of HIV/AIDS and addiction diseases related risky behavior among young people through implementation of Peer Education and Counselling for Serbia.

2. To raise the levels of consciousness about HIV/AIDS and addiction diseases among young people through the mass media.

3. To develop information packages and communication strategies pertaining to HIV/AIDS and intended for young people through implementation of the Participatory Research.

4. To increase the levels of condom usage by the young people by making condoms accessible and affordable.

5. To reduce, and as the end goal eradicate discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS through education of population and protection of the rights of such people.

6. To make the status of people living with HIV/AIDS better through programs of psycho-social support.

7. To increase the utilization and accessibility of the Information and Communication Technologies to purpose of gaining knowledge and exchange of experiences on the topic of HIV/AIDS and related issues. This is first of all intended for our membership that will be involved in these processes through education on possibilities of these technologies.

8. To increase the levels of professionalism in planning, creating, supervising and evaluating of programs and projects.

9. To improve the information flow and reporting systems in the Youth of JAZAS

10. To strengthen the cooperation of the Youth of JAZAS with international and domestic organizations and governmental institutions through establishing of partner relationships and exchange of experiences, knowledge and information.

11. To increase the levels of knowledge about the Youth of JAZAS and our mission within the general population, governmental sector and corporate sphere aiming to precisely position the Youth of JAZAS as a nongovernmental, autonomous and independent humanitarian organization.

12. To improve our infrastructure through acquisition of all the necessary equipment.

13. To increase our membership within the youth population through systematic expansion of our volunteer program and program of volunteer motivation