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Omladina JAZAS-a

How do we do it?

What do we do?

The Youth of JAZAS primarily works on HIV/AIDS prevention and promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Rights (SRHR) of young people in the country. Also, it is among our highest priorities to provide every kind of support to those living with HIV/AIDS or the ones affected by the illness in any way; this aspect encircles provision of medication and other forms of material support but also something less material but very tangible - fight against taboos, discrimination and stigma surrounding these people.

Our main target population is youth even though this does not limit our activities to go beyond this group and reach out with the messages to all the people listening. What is the most important thing to us is to prevent, to stop any young person in our country from becoming HIV positive and another number in the sad statistics of 6000 young people getting HIV each day world wide.
This is why the majority of our activities encompass prevention in the form of education and provision of information on HIV/AIDS and distribution of high quality condoms as well as the variety of forms for promotion of healthy life styles and adequate protection.

Why do we do it?

Because we want a healthy and strong young generation in our country!

Because young people must know how to protect them selves and others.

Because our region of South-East Europe must not grow into the next burning area of HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Because people living with HIV/AIDS have the same and equal rights as any other people.

Because together, we can!