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If you are thinking about the first sexual intercourse

The first time
When are we ready for sex?

Being ready means being sure and understand what sex and its consequences actually mean. It is difficult to find the right timing and the right situation, but we should try to make it happen.

Asking questions to yourself and to your partner, talking to people with certain experience, finding out what a first time may look like... all those things may help you understand whether you are ready for sex. One thing for sure won't help you - making such decisions under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or under the peer pressure or the pressure from your partner.

If you try to answer to these questions frankly, they may help you reach the right decision:
-do you know basic things on sexually transmitted diseases?
-what do you know about pregnancy?
-are you aware of the possibilities of protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancy and STIs?
-can you and your partner openly talk about sex, pregnancy and STIs?
-how will making love influence your personal values?
-do you have any cultural or religious barriers when it comes to making love?
-do you trust your partner, respect him/her and love him/her?
-how well does your partner know what pleases you and what doesn't?
-how well do you know what pleases your partner and what is it that doesn't?
-do you know whom should you talk to in case of pregnancy or STI at either of you which came out from your intercourse?
-do you really want to have sex with the partner you are with at the moment?

If you are not well informed about pregnancy, STIs and contraception, you probably are not ready!
If you cannot talk to your partner about pregnancy, STIs, trust, respect, your desires and the lack of these, you probably are not ready!

I don’t think that I am ready to make love. What happens now?

Say "NO"! You have every right to say no and that should not make you feel guilty. Saying "no" has its advantages: you don't have to think about unwanted pregnancy nor STIs; you have more time to think, talk to your partner and find the necessary information; and, what is more, there are other ways for fulfilling you sexual desires which don't include having sex. Masturbation, kissing, touching, massage, hugging... all of these can be very passionate. All of these are the ways of showing affection. For many people, this can be enough until you become ready for other things.

You have to respect yourself and know what you want.

Making love is wonderful experience, but only if you are ready for it!