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If you want to know about menstrual periods


You have probably noticed the changes of your body as you grow up. It does not happen overnight, but lasts for several years, between your 10th and 15th, in most of the cases. Little by little, your breasts are growing, hairs on your genitals and in your armpits appear. After that, your hips become wider and rounder.

Most of these changes appear gradually. There is something, however, that happens all of a sudden: a first period...

Some girls get it earlier, some later on since there is no rule about it when it comes to age. What is it really about?

Having a period means that there is blood coming out of vagina. That does not mean that there is a wound, that it hurts nor that you are sick. No, nota ta all! That means that from that moment on, you are physically ready to have a baby. But, that is not enough. In order to engage in sexual interactions, you need to be psychologically grown, as well.

In order not to get your panties dirty with your blood which is coming out during 4 or 5 days in a row, girls use sanitary towels or tampons. In most of the cases, periods happen every 28-30 days. If it is recent for you, you will need time to get used to it. It may happen that your periods don't occur for several months in a row or that you get several of them in one month, but that is completely normal and will get regular in time.

Why is that blood coming out?

There is blood coming out because your body prepares itself for having a baby. Every month, ovaries and uterus (internal genitals) prepare themselves for pregnancy. Egg (placed in the ovaries) ripens and comes out of the ovaries. That is called ovulation. When a man ejaculates (his sperm comes out of his penis) into a woman's vagina, then one spermatozoid can reach the egg and a baby is conceived. But, if the egg doesn't conjoin with a spermatozoid, womb will compress disposing of blood through vagina. That is called menstruation.

Will i get sick if taking a shower during my period?

No! On contrary, you should take a shower more often on these days. Maintaining personal hygiene is very important, especially then, because your body is more sensitive at that time and prone to infections.

My friends skip PE classes during their periods, what should I do?

You should know that your period harms neither you nor the people around you. These are the days same like others. So, unless you have painful periods, there is no reason to skip PE!

May I swim in the pool during my period?

In order to go swimming in a pool or sea during your period, you need to wear a tampon. You put it in your vagina, so that it absorbs blood in your body, and not out of it, which is the case with sanitary towels. However, some girls find putting tampon in very difficult and are afraid of hurting themselves while doing that.

Today, there are small tampons for girls who have never had sex, so if you use them properly, you won't lose your virginity. However, the most important thing is how you feel, so if an idea of using tampons doesn't appear as appealing to you, than restrain from swimming during your period.

What is PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), as it's name states, is a period immediately before a period when you can feel sad, nervous, sensitive... What is more, many pimples come out at that time. All of this is related to hormones whose level rises and falls during menstrual cycle (a period of time between 2 menstruations). But, don't be nervous, as soon as the period is over, the pimples will go away and you will no more have such mood changes.

Anyway, even though that you will every often like to be a man because of these changes due to having periods, remember that you will have them until your fifties and get used to that!