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Omladina JAZAS-a

Program of Information and Communication Technologies

This program deals with promotion and usage of Information and Communication Technologies - ICT as a tool for better communication and gathering knowledge about HIV/AIDS and other related health topics among youth in Republic of Serbia.

Our three primary goals:

1. Making ICT accessible to young people involved in HIV/AIDS prevention by providing infrastructure and training in 11 towns in Serbia during the year 2004. In these towns we have our regional offices.

2. Establishing and promotion of Internet HIV/AIDS counseling among youth with a special focus on vulnerable groups.

3. Scaling up of coordination and experience exchange through the Internet between young people involved in HIV/AIDS prevention as well as exchange with other youth groups in the region and world wide.
Program activities:

• Design and launch of the electronic network to link up all 12 regional offices in the country
• Organization of monthly trainings on these topics for our volunteers across the country

• Development and constant update of the resource web site and internet data base about HIV/AIDS prevention and relevant topics
• Organization of promotional campaign among youth, especially among vulnerable groups
• Organizing on-line discussion groups about HIV/AIDS and reproductive health among young people that have access to Internet
• Conducting online research on various topics related to HIV/AIDS issue

• Organization of on-line meetings on weekly basis among peer educators involved in HIV/AIDS prevention
• Coordination of other preventive activities in Serbia through Internet
• We will initiate communication and collaboration with various youth groups involved in HIV/AIDS prevention in the region and world wide