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Omladina JAZAS-a

AIDS Info Service and SOS Line

+381 11 3248 235, 9h - 17h

This service provides information and guidance on issues like HIV/AIDS and other STIs, sexual and reproductive health and rights and similar topics..

Information that is given improves knowledge about HIV/AIDS, other STIs and sexual and reproductive health and rights taking into special consideration wide spread myths about HIV transmission and protection measures.

We aim to modify and adapt the attitudes and sexual conduct to the circumstances in which one faces the danger of STIs and AIDS; hereby people get acquainted with the use of condoms and the safer sex rules and are referred to other information and education sources.

This kind of approach generates sensitivity amongst young people regarding the ability to identify possible risk of infection as well as to develop and maintain healthy and good social contact with people living with HIV/AIDS.

Sometimes it happens that this telephone line provides a crisis intervention service on sexual problems and link persons in need with available services and experts.

Our operators try to emphasize the climate of trust and confidence among young people as this is a necessary tool in the struggle against HIV/AIDS stigma and related discrimination.

This particular program has years of evolution and experience and comes as a support to other efforts of Youth of JAZAS such as Social Marketing Campaigns, educational work and psychosocial and legal support to affected people.

Having mentioned the last item, this line also serves as a help and support to those in any way affected with HIV/AIDS - we provide advice and possible legal assistance to people affected with HIV/AIDS.

This is also a place for people who are being discriminated in any way to address their problems and seek out the right solution.

AIDS Info and SOS line has an e-mail address available on this site for questions and concerns. If needed, these questions coupled with appropriate answers are being posted in a special page on this site.

So far, this service has only been available in Serbian language.

Aiming at young people but also at general population, this program tends to develop awareness in people of HIV/AIDS problems in their own local environments and to raise the levels of knowledge and responsibility for their own health, as well as the health of people surrounding them, no matter their health status (there including their HIV status).

This program also focuses on pointing out the consequences that derive from uninformed choices and at the same time empower youth to make commitments for organized actions towards HIV/AIDS reduction.