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Omladina JAZAS-a

Who are we?

Yugoslav Youth Association Against AIDS - Youth of JAZAS is non-governmental, non-profit, humanitarian organization established in 1994 aiming to work on HIV/AIDS prevention and provide psychological help to people living with this disease.

The idea was initiated by a group of young enthusiasts which then spread to become the main weapon in fight against AIDS. Today, the Youth of JAZAS, as the network consisting of 11 independent organizations, covers the whole territory of Republic of Serbia making it one of the biggest non-governmental organizations in this country (this minding different criteria: implemented programs, number of people affected by them, membership, infrastructure development and funds for programs implementation).

Youth of JAZAS has over 3000 members from all around the country and the increasing number of young people becoming members shows the adoption of healthy life standards constantly promoted by Youth of JAZAS. We create and implement programs through fun, socializing and team work aiming not only to prevention of HIV/AIDS spreading but to including a great number of youth in all program aspects, starting from their very initiation, via their conduction, ending in their evaluation and creation of the new ones.