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A few things about breasts


You must have either thought or heard somebody complain about her breasts being too big or too small. There are all sizes and types of breasts. Nipples can be big or small too, may stick out, but needn't have to. There are girls whose breasts' size don't equal. Some have them grown at very early age, at 8 or 9, and some have to wait until they're 14 or 15. It may occur that they grow very quickly, almost overnight and sometimes they need a lot of time. But, all of this is absolutely normal.

What is important to know is that everybody is different and every girl's breasts will grow in their own time.

How big will my breasts grow?

This depends on many factors:
-inheritance may dictate the size and shape of your breasts
-the amount of adipose tissue is the deciding factor on how big your breasts will grow, and it isn't necessarily related to your overall weight
Many girls are trying to influence the breasts' growth by exercising, but it doesn't influence the quantity of the adipose tissue in breasts.

Do I need to wear a bra?

Should you wear a bra or not is entirely your decision. If you feel more comfortable while not wearing it, then don't. However, you might feel better while wearing it if you have big breasts, and especially if you do sports. If you decide to wear a bra, it is important that you choose adequate size and model. You should go to a shop where you can have a wide choice and where you can try them on. You will know that it suits you if it doesn't leave red marks on your shoulders nor around your breasts.

Why are my breasts sensitive?

The sensitiveness of your breasts, especially before your period, is entirely normal with most of girls. The reason for this may be that the adipose tissue in your breasts retains body liquid. Even if you generally don't wear a bra, it might help you wear it during the days preceding your period.

Would I get cancer if I incidentally hit my breasts?

Even though such a hit can be painful, it surely won't cause cancer.

Help! The hairs are growing around my breasts!

Don't worry, it is fine! Many girls and women have the same problem. Some of them have only a hair or two, while others have many more. If it is a problem for you, talk to your doctor.

What is wrong with me, my nipples are different from one another?

Although this may appear somewhat frightening, it doesn't mean that there is a problem, in most of the cases. Many girls have nipples of different size and colour. But, if there is liquid or blood coming out of them, see your doctor.

I have a lump on my breasts, is that cancer?

A lump on breasts is something rather common with many girls. In most of the cases, it is not a sign of cancer and usually disappears with time, even without surgery. Even though breast cancer is very rare with girls, you should have your gynaecologist check your breasts every time you find a lump on them.