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Review of the epidemiological situation in Serbia 2011

Review of the epidemiological situation in Serbia 2011

Since the beginning of the epidemic in 1985 until the end of November 2011, 2692 people were registered to have been infected with HIV in the Republic of Serbia, 1585 out of which developed AIDS and 1100 of HIV positive people died. During the period January to November 2011, 96 new HIV infections were registered.

Within the same period, out of these 96 people, 44 were diagnosed with AIDS and 22 died of AIDS.

Belgrade is most severely affected by HIV epidemics since more than 70% of HIV infections were registered in Belgrade, but the greatest number of people is tested in the capital.

It is estimated that 3500 people in our country are unaware of being infected with HIV considering that the infection can last for years without any sign of symptom manifestation, and the only way to register the HIV infection's presence in one's body is to take the test.

Every HIV testing should be voluntary and should consist of consultations prior and after the testing, aiming to provide the correct information from the experts helping everybody make the decision whether it is the right time to take the test. It is also necessary to recognize the real risk i.e. risky behavior people had engaged with or are still doing so, in order to change it and prevent potential HIV infection in the future. On the other hand, HIV positive people could begin with the program of monitoring and control of their own HIV infection. A treatment control gives excellent results, both in Serbia and abroad making the HIV infection a chronic state allowing people to live with it if the treatment is commenced on time.