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Sex with person living with HIV

Being HIV positive does not automatically mean to be sexually inactive, or give up sex. However, in many ways HIV can cause a decrease in potency. The most common causes are:
a) Psychological problems caused by finding out about your status (eg. depression, anxiety, nervous tension, etc.), and in this case we recommend you to consult a psychologist;
b) HIV can damage the nerves in a penis that control an erection;
c) Drugs (eg. Videx, Zerit, and protease inhibitors Ritonavir) - in this case you should contact your doctor.

There are drugs like Viagra, which increases potency. But if you decided to use these drugs, and you are already taking an ARV therapy, you should first consult with your doctor!

During sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal or oral) you should always use a protection (condoms and lubricant), regardless of HIV status of your partner. The reasons for this are:
• the ability transmit HIV to your partner if your partner is HIV negative;
• the possibility of reinfection with HIV if your partner is HIV positive;
• the possibility of transmission of other sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis, chlamydia, etc.).

You have to tell your sexual partner/s about your HIV status. The Criminal Law in the Republic of Serbia considers intentional and negligent form of transmission of HIV infection as a crime.

If you have active sex, the regular examination by dermatovenerologists, gynecologist (for women) and urologists (for men) is advised. These are also the people with whom you can talk about any concerns regarding reproductive and sexual health.

For advice you can contact a counselor at the Centers for voluntary and confidential counseling and testing (VCT) or your doctor.