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Proper nutrition

Correct, healthy, varied and balanced diet is an important factor which improves the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. Proper nutrition affects the maintenance of general health, body weight and muscle mass, strengthens the immune system, and reduces side effects of a treatment and a possibility of other diseases. Proper diet, along with adherence to treatment regimens, may postpone the transition of HIV infection in AIDS.

The main nutrients are proteins (proteins), sugars and fats. Also, there is a need for the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals; and important trace elements (iodine, zinc, fluoride ...). Basic food, for example, whole grains (wheat, brown rice, corn, barley, millet, buckwheat) and tubers (potatoes), should make the largest part of the diet because it supplies the body with energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. The fibers are important to "clean" the colon from toxins and to help prevent the appearance of intestinal infections.