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Why a good relationship with your doctor is important

Achieving a good relationship with your doctor will make your life much easier. You and your doctor have certain rights and obligations, and our advices can help you build better relationship.

Visiting a doctor with whom you can feel relaxed every time you go to the clinic will help develop a good relationship. If you are a female and would like to visit the female doctor, contact the clinic with such request.

Show up to appointments on time or cancel them in advance.

If you feel the need, feel free to bring a friend for support.

Request a copy of your results and learn more about what they actually represent. If unclear, feel free to ask again or ask for another explination.

As a patient you have the rights to get information about each treatment, to be fully involved in making decisions about your treatment and the right to privacy and confidentiality.

If you think that your doctor does not listen and does not understand you, the cause may be a lack of time or the fact that you are visiting a doctor who you do not know very well yet.

Make a list of questions before a visit and take it with you. This is still one of the easiest and most successful ways to come ready for review.

If you need more time than usual, tell your doctor.
Listen carefully to your doctor's advices and make sure you comply with them.

Always expect honesty and fairness from your doctor and he will expect the same from you. If your relationship can not be defined as good, you have the right to go to another doctor.

The nurses provide excellent care and support during treatment, including a commitment to taking the therapy and side effects, and can pass on their valuable knowledge to your family and friends, all in order to improve the living conditions that have changed due to the medication.