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Psychological counseling and support groups

Telling your HIV status to your family and friends

People living with HIV in Serbia are surrounded with prejudice and condemnation. Unfounded fears and misconceptions are resulting in avoidance of social contact with people living with HIV. Telling your status to your family and friends, you are ensuring their support during difficult periods. You can make a best judgment of people you can trust, as well as how and when to tell them. If you are unsure how to do it, you can consult a psychologist or counselor.


A psychologist is an expert who can help you to overcome problems related to HIV infection such as: rejection from family, fear of contact with other people, loss of self-confidence, self-isolation, fear of disclosing HIV positive status, depression, tension, etc.

Psycho-social support groups for people living with HIV

Psycho-social support refers to helping people, from overcoming the psychological crisis through informal gatherings and to providing necessary information and advices on how to better regulate your life in new circumstances. Together with psychologists, there are people trained to provide you a necessary psychological and social support and usually they work or volunteer in various non-governmental organizations and self help groups for people living with HIV. In these organizations, you, your family members, friends or partner can discuss issues related to HIV / AIDS. You can get a free advice regarding the disclosure of your HIV positive status and other information about life with HIV status from counselors at the Centers for voluntary and confidential counseling and testing (VCT).

You can get a free psychological and social support available from psychologists in health care centers or in organizations of people living with HIV trained to provide these services. In the non-governmental organizations and self-help groups for people living with HIV you can get advice about improving the quality of life and information on how to achieve your rights.