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Omladina JAZAS-a


AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, the final stadium of the infection caused by HIV; sum of symptoms typical for the last HIV infection stadium

HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus; the abbreviation HIV includes the word "virus", note that "HIV virus" is pleonasm

Immunodeficiency - inability to develop a normal immune response

Syndrome - a group of symptoms that collectively indicate or characterize a disease

Persons living with HIV - people infected with HIV

AIDS patients - term used to identify a person diagnosed with AIDS, i.e. a person diagnosed with infection or illness related to HIV

BSS - Behavioural Surveillance Survey, examination of behaviour within HIV/AIDS surveillance

CCM - Country Coordinating Mechanism of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria used for examination of HIV and tuberculosis related projects implementation

CRIS - Country Response Information System which examines national response to HIV/AIDS

Global Fund (GFATM) - The Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria

Local Global Fund Agent (LFA) - Legal entity contracted with the Global Fund, whose main goal is to fulfil certain tasks on behalf of the Global Fund, this including examination of principal recipients' capacity for program implementation, supervision of transferred funds and confirmation to the principal and sub recipients' progress in accordance to program goals as well as monitoring funds use to correspond to the terms of contract

Vulnerable populations - vulnerable groups (such are injecting drug users, men who have sex with men, sexual workers etc.) that are most at risk of HIV

IDU - Intravenous Drug Users

CSW - Commercial Sex Workers

MARA - Most At Risk Adolescents; children living in the street

MSM - Men who have Sex with Men

Individuals engaging in risky behaviour - Persons in high risk threatening their health or their lives; in terms of HIV, it considers having unprotected sex or using unsterlie injection kits

SDA - Service Delivery Area within programs

PLHIV - People living with HIV

HIV prevalence - The number of people living with HIV in one population in certain period of time

Incidence of AIDS - The number of newly AIDS-diagnosed people in (usually) a million inhabitants during certain period, one year in most cases

Program - The program "STRENGHTENING HIV PREVENTION AND CARE FOR THE GROUPS MOST VULNERABLE TO HIV/AIDS" financed by the Global Fund within Round 8

PR - Principal Recipient - The body which signs the contract with The Global Fund on project implementation on national level

Principal Recipient 1 (PR1) - Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia

Principal Recipient 2 (PR2) - non-governmental organization Youth of JAZAS

Sub-recipient - Organization which is a contractor to PR, making it directly responsible for project implementation

Project - This term represents all the activities undertaken during project implementation, prescribed by the contract between principal and sub recipients

UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS

UNGASS - United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS-a