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What should you use – sanitary pads or tampons


Sanitary pads
-you can always use them 
-they are safer in situations of more bleeding since they are better in absorbing

They allow you to wear tight clothes, to do sports, including swimming. There are no such smells as may appear while wearing sanitary towels. Gynaecologists recommend tampons in cases of outer genitals inflammation, thus avoiding the blood to reach sensitive areas. But, they should be avoided in cases of vagina infections.



Sanitary pads

Sanitary pad prevents skin from breathing, so they can irritate the skin or deteriorate vaginitis, if used constantly.

Tampons should not be kept in the body longer than 8h because they can cause TTS (Toxic Shock Syndrom).Even though this syndrome is very rare, you should not cause it. Signs of it include: sickness, sore throat or high body temperatures in times of wearing a tampon. In that case, you need to see your doctor immediately. Keeping blood in vagina during long time may cause fungal infections.



Sanitary pads
Change your pads regularly (every 2-3h)!
Store them in clean, fresh and dry environment, and in their package. 
Be careful not to damage the package. 
Check the shelf life.

Put the tampons carefully, do not push them into vagina abruptly because you may hurt yourself.
If it doesn't feel right, take it out immediately.
Alternate them with sanitary pads.
Change them regularly 
Don't wear them during night.