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Omladina JAZAS-a

“ICT as a tool for prevention” in Republic of Serbia, creation of webmail network

In the month from 31/05/2007 to 31/12/2007 the project has achieved several significant goals: made ICT accessible to young people involved in HIV/AIDS prevention by providing infrastructure and training in 11 towns in Serbia ( Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Nis, Pozarevac, Kragujevac, Valjevo, Zajecar, Pancevo, Vranje, Uzice)

We established and promoted internet HIV/AIDS counseling among youth with a special focus on vulnerable groups.

Organizing on-line discussion groups about HIV/AIDS and reproductive health among young people that have access to internet.

In the Youth Opinion Poll, the most frequent suggestion for improving solution suggested by the young interviewees was reform of the health system and the emphasis on the better budgeting of health service system - health is seen to be the priority. For example, sexual active adolescents in Belgrade were asked from whom they have learned the most about sexuality, contraceptive means and STI's and have most often stated that the source were their peers (37%) followed by the mass media (22%), parents (21,6%) while the school and health care workers stood at the bottom of the list with only 10% and 1,7%.The most frequent mentioned suggestion for improvement of the health situation was directed to better health education and information related to health issues - both through the formal education system and media.

Programs of peer education that are being conducted represent the only source of information in some communities. These programs are very often the object of public arguments because of the certain amount of distrust towards the innovative methods of education of young people.

The project also helped getting youth to understand that PLWHAs shouldn't be denied the same rights all the other people have. The online discussions were very helpful regarding this matter, since the youngsters were able to communicate and express their opinions and thus learn something new and hear other people's views . Diversity among people is one of the key things our project is trying to promote - after all, even when we're different, we are all equal.