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Omladina JAZAS-a

Mission and values


Youth of JAZAS is the organization of young people striving, with every action they take, to prevent new HIV infections and help people already living with AIDS.

Youth of JAZAS also directs its work towards the matters of reproductive health and young people's rights.


...of Youth of JAZAS towards everybody, regardless to sex, race, religion or ethnics.

Voluntarity Youth of JAZAS' work.

...for every member of Youth of JAZAS to join the programs and participate in the work of the organization, according to their own interests and abilities, this including the right of every member to initiate and make new ideas happen following the goals of the organisation.

...and conscientiousness in working on achieving Youth of JAZAS' goals.

...member of Youth of JAZAS' work evaluation is made according to their contributions towards achieving the goals of the organization.

...and cherishing of positive merits as the principle in conducting the work of the organization.

...all of the members of the organization are to act respectfully and recognise religious, sex, racial, ethnical and all other differences while committed to tolerance and all other non-discriminating principles towards persons living with HIV or AIDS.

Unity manifested in unified appearance of organization's members in public, according to organization's goals, thus promoting solidarity principle among all the members.

Tradition respected and cherished in the work of the members towards accomplishing organization's goals.

...the only limits of the benefits of all the members of Youth of JAZAS to enjoy rights and freedoms, in all the aspects of their work, are the violations of other people's rights and freedoms and the main values and goals of Youth of JAZAS.