Joseph Scheich

June 29, 1960 - January 15, 2003

Mr. Joseph Scheich, the man who had made a great contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS, not only did he have a wonderful wit and sense of repartee, but he had a brilliant mind, one that was only overshadowed by the splendor of his heart. Joseph dedicated himself to the common good and his career to the public sector but at the cusp of a successful time in his life he discovered he was HIV positive.

When his health began to fail in 1995 he left for the Netherlands to die in the care and love of his best friend, Paul. With the then brand new combination antiretroviral therapies, to his own great surprise, he found himself soon resuscitated, gaining weight, and growing stronger. He was one of the lucky few. From then on, he would have to work for others living with HIV so they too could find life again.